Homeowners are well aware of the amount of attention, work and time home maintenance requires, whether you are conducting regular servicing or some home improvement projects. Either way, having reliable professional service to assist you with various domestic tasks is priceless.

Our company is primarily specialised in all sorts of interior and exterior painting, refurbishing and decorating tasks, but we strive to expand our job to numerous other handyman services. With over two decades of experience, a great reputation, educated, responsible and skilled team members and thousands of satisfied customers so far, we are proud to be trusted ally to many homeowners in our region. The main policy of our company is to meet the latest quality criteria in our industry, to offer fair terms, affordable prices and professional, timely service.

Our company possesses all the required licenses and permissions in all branches and services we provide and we use the latest, eco-friendly equipment, making sure not to endanger your living environment while conducting projects. We also subcontract various other specialists if a given project requires and take time to negotiate thoroughly every aspect of the project with the client to ensure the desired outcome.

When it comes to painting, the client is free to choose the material and all shades of paints and all the equipment is our responsibility. Aside painting, we provide various other services, including tiling, carpeting, roofing, windows and doors reparations, gutter cleaning, unclogging of all sorts of drains and reparation of all sorts of installations.

Our company provides emergency services and technical support for all our clients available 24/7 on your call. This is rather useful if you face some domestic emergency, such as broken windows or doors, flood within your premises, clogged sink or leaking toilet or any other domestic issue requiring immediate response.